Well first date went amazing.

We went out to mellow mushroom(amazing pizza joint for those who dont know) and there was a balloon animal guy i asked him to make me a rose and then presented it to her. I mean guys give girls roses all the time but a balloon animal rose thats so creative shit. And then we went with my friends to a house show had an amazing time. Slept among other things, come on you guys know me i dont just sleep in ky bed ;p then went to pom poms, an amazing sandwich and tea place for lunch and tonight we are going to see the fights at buffalo wild wings where the rest of my friemds will meet her. Smitten tyler is smitten.

End of an era

Looks like i no longer will be the single whore ive been for the past few years. Single tyler wont be a thing soon. Didnt see that coming. And to think just 2 weeks ago a i slept with a girl and when i went to leave she paid me. Life is crazy .-.

After seeing all the girls i knew getting preganant

And being disgusted. As most know i hate children and babies, have no patience for them and knowing the investment needed to raise a kid it hurts my feelings to see these people my age throwing their lives away toqards an investment i know they dont have the money for. This makes me realize how grateful i am that when i got a girl pregnant and shw got an abortion when i was 15 she actually saved my life for my life would be far different had she kept the kid. Id be a father to a 6 going on 7 year old. So glad i dodged that bullet.

So facebook has ruined creeping profiles lol

So for years we’ve all been guilty of meeting someone and adding them dimue to having a crush on them or wanting to sleep with them or what have you and so you check thier profile to find out if they are single or not. Well that age is over. Now you have to hit this little button to ask them otherwise it wont show you. The age of creeping is dead

Dmt doesnt exist because ive never been able to find it — Dumbass i work with
…and so will the world end, I think, a victim of love rather than hate. For love’s ever been the more destructive weapon, sure. — The Dark Tower - Stephen King (via ladyofthespiral)

So ever since i was younger

Being the younger middle child growing up with 3 siblings(2 sisters one older one younger and an older brother) being that we are all only 2 years apart its just always been common for me to hang out with older people than me. I lost my virginity to an older girl and majority of my friends are 2-6 years older than me. Being that this is true i experience and have experienced a lot of things much younger than usual because of my friends and im commonly mistaken for being 24-28. The irony of it all is that now that my friends are hitting their late 20s and 30s, they are slowing down on party habits and drinking and such and as they start doing this i end up in the hospital and find out i have diverticulitis and have to significantly cut back on my drinking and pay a very close mind to what i ingest so in turn im slowing down as if im the age everuone mistakes me for. I find the whole thing perplexing. Its funny how the world works

To all my followers

I had taken a pretty long leave of absence from posting things on here and im very grateful that most of you have still remained a follower to my blog. My life got pretty hectic and i had to focus on other things but now im in a stable healthy situation and can resume doing things with my free time. Thank you all for sticking around

Eradicate all thought and contact with someone

They show up in your dreams. Please leave my dreams alone the sight, thought, and undying feelings ill have for you are unhealthy so please stay out of my life both while im awake and unconscious

Women just dont understand men or satanism for that matter

So my best friend and i went out and got drunk(usual night for us) and then around 3 we went to one of our favorite restaurants and got drinks and food and sang karoke obviously trying to be obnoxious and some wise ass douches that thought they were hot shit decided to talk shit on us thinking we wouldnt hear but we did. Being that they openly disrespected me on open ground i felt the need to at the very least confront them on the matter to see if they had an issue. My friend agreed and as they went out the door we followed to confront them and if the opportunity arose, to put them in their place. Being trained for multiple years now in 5 different martial arts(brazilain jiu-jitsu, 10th planet jiu jitsu, muay thai, cqc, kick boxing, and sambo) i felt confident that it would end how i forsaw the event going. The girl we were with sensed it as we followed them out the door and broke us off and the guys made heist to their car and drove away. And the girl argued with us that its not worth it. Whether that was true or not most people are dicks and deserve to be put in their place so to soeak but i guess women have difficulty understanding that. They really lucked out just saying. My rage is near a new high.

That awkward moment when you compare you and your friends to how i met your mother and realize your Ted. Fuck my life. — Lol drunken friends
You know what would be awesome? If I could find a girl that I’m totally into and just when I think things can’t get better we have mind blowing brutally awesome sex and after the climax I can lean over and say “and why do we do this?” And her response without hesitation is “for the glory of Satan of course!” Where’s that girl man?

People are literally the least reliable thing on the planet.

You would think paying people half your check every payday so that theyll give you a ride to work would encourage them to get me to work on time and not risk me getting fired in turn them losing that extra income, and yet I’m not surprised over the past three years I’ve been told a lot of things that weren’t true though the person making the claims swore by it. I won’t cheat, I will have the rent on time, ill put transmission fluid in the car like you asked because I use it more than you. Yeah these are just a few examples and the outcomes were they totally cheated, roommate didn’t pay rent and got us evicted in turn making me lose my bed, coffee table, living room furniture, all my dishes and my desk, and with the car naturally following the trend they didn’t put any transmission fluid in it and the transmission exploded. So trusting people has lost me my home, my car, and now possibly my job. And people wonder why I hate humans and am so cynical all the time.